Why Use Asset Finance?

Useful to help manage cashflow and retain liquidity.

Asset finance allows businesses to fund capital equipment outside of normal banking facilities, over a period of 12 months to 7 years. It is useful to help manage cashflow and retain liquidity.

There are three main ways assets can be funded: hire purchase, finance lease and operating lease.

Within each structure we are also able to offer customers low deposit transactions, the opportunity to finance the VAT until it is back in from the VAT Office (or over the term of the agreement in some cases) and also the ability to match payments with cashflow,  ‘seasonal payments’. Balloon payments are also available to keep payments lower. As with any transaction, all of these benefits are on a deal by deal basis and subject to credit acceptance.

There are many ideas and options available to ensure that the monthly payment fits in well with the needs of a business.

Why Use Asset Finance?