Support From Stoke Park Finance

For our longest standing customers, we have been through one if not two recessions together, as well as several other times when business has been difficult. These customers will have experienced first hand, the support that Stoke Park Finance Limited is able to offer  in order to ensure that as much as possible, it remains business as usual when times get hard.

For those of you who are perhaps more recent customers to Stoke Park, we are taking this opportunity to let you know that should you need any support at all, you must please contact us. This support can come in many forms – access to refinance facilities to get cash into the business through either The British Business Bank or the release of equity in vehicles, a reduction in payments for a period of time, or even just reassurance that you are not alone.

Following tonight's announcement by The Prime Minister, our team will all be working in different places, but with the same commitment to serving our loyal customer base. Logistically, you may struggle to get through on the landline (although do try, on 0141 6391410) and if you cannot get through, please use the following mobile numbers:

Neil Hardiman 07795 423952
Sarah Hardiman 07713 167197
Stephen Mackenzie 07701 028008

Alternatively, we will reply promptly to all emails sent to

We look forward to being of assistance, and we wish you all well.

Neil, Sarah, Stephen, Diane and Aileen