Work that finance!

money fitness

All asset finance agreements are subject to credit, but there are plenty of structures that we can use to make that next purchase a reality rather than a dream.

Lower payments at the start of the agreement. – Works well if you have a finance payment finishing soon or if you’ve found a vehicle before the start of the season – keeping cashflow and affordability whole.

Seasonal payments. – When you are busy, payments are high, when you are not, payments are lower. All pre-written into your agreement.

Balloon payment. – Keep your payments lower by paying interest only on a capital lump sum that falls due at the end of the agreement.

Vat Deferment. – Let the funder lend you the money for the Vat until you have reclaimed it from HMRC.

Lump sum payments. – Build specific lump sums in to your payment schedule during your busier periods, to keep the other payments lower.

Sale and HP Back / Sale and lease back. – Unlock equity in your coach fleet to get cash in to the business during winter, or following a large repair bill, or even just to get deposits ready for a fleet replacement programme.

These structures are available subject to credit, and subject to asset security.