Tax Bill Pending?

For many, the deadline for payment of tax is 31st January.  In the coach industry, this can be a difficult time of year to find the extra cash.  But help is at hand!

Did you know that it is possible to unlock equity in your coach fleet to raise cash?  Many funders offer Sale and Lease Back facilities where title remains with the funder even once all of the payments in the Primary Period have been made. Secondary rentals may also be payable on an ongoing annual basis until the asset is sold.  At Stoke Park, we have lenders who offer Sale and Hire Purchase back agreements where at the end of the term, you get full title to your coach.  This is a straight forward, hassle free way of keeping cashflow on track, and cash can be in your bank within a matter of days.

At Stoke Park Finance Limited we have a strong mix of funders who are open for business and are keen to lend.  If you could benefit from a cash injection this month, please give us a call on 0141 639 1410 for a no obligation chat.