Classic Cars

For many, owning a classic car that they have admired from childhood equates to fulfilling a life long ambition.  Increasingly in today’s turbulent financial markets classic cars are considered to be a more secure investment, with the bonus of driving it whilst it hopefully appreciates in value. Funding such an acquisition can be a daunting prospect with many high street lenders being unable to help. 

They are tied to strict procedures/credit policies designed for modern cars, which subsequently means that classic cars fall at the first hurdle – their age!

The directors of Stoke Park Finance have some 40 years + experience of funding these wonderful cars, whether you are buying a single car for £150k or a package of cars costing several £M, we have the ability and experience to fund both.

Contact: Neil Hardiman

Telephone: 0141 639 1410

Mobile: 07795 423 952